Your Guide To Small Riding Lawn Mowers

Your Guide To Small Riding Lawn Mowers

Your guide to small riding lawn mowers
Land mowers are the equalizers of the electronics world—it’s one of those things all of us have to think of getting at some point. Now, if you don’t have a lawn, then you can always just read up on these machines to understand them better for future purposes. There are many questions that come to mind when one thinks of purchasing a riding lawn mower, and rightfully so.

If you’re considering investing in riding mowers, then it’s advisable that you understand your needs and your price points. Besides, there are many kinds of lawn mowers to choose from, you’d be spoilt for choice. Here are some questions about small riding lawn mowers in particular.

What are riding lawn mowers?

  • As the name suggests, these land mowers allow the users to ride them around the lawn. They’re a lot like cars in that respect. And the best part is that there is one for everyone, there are the simple everyday models with no frills and extras, and there are the extra high-end models. However, with riding mowers, you do have to think of plenty of attachments.
  • As you think about increasing the number of attachments, you’re going to see that you need a lawn tractor to accommodate all the parts that you’ll end up purchasing.

What size should my riding lawn mower be?

  • The kind of mower you want to buy when you hit the lawn mowers sale depends on the size and layout of your lawn. Of course, this differs from lawn to lawn—but here’s a rough guide for you.
  • If you have a lawn that’s about half an acre or one acre, small riding lawn mowers should do you good. Make sure it has a good cutting width of 42 inches and about a 14 HP engine. For a lawn up to 2 acres or more, make sure you scale up to 46 inches and a 16 HP engine at a minimum.
  • If you have a lawn upwards of 3 acres or more, well, you’re a few of the lucky ones. You’ll need less of a lawn mower and more of a garden tractor with a width of up to 54 inches, and engine between 18 to 24 HP. These tractors can do more than regular mowers can—tilling and cultivating being just two examples. You can put any ground engaging tool, and work your garden tractor.
  • These are just outlines. Of course, when you head over and look at a ride lawn mower, you’ll be able to look at its individual specifications and figure out if it’s the right mower for your lawn. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have specific measurements of your lawn as well.

What is a zero turn mower?

  • This has to be one of the most niche kinds of lawn mowers out there. Traditional small riding lawn mowers come with a steering wheel of sorts. This is the prime difference between them.
  • Zero turn mowers instead have a pair of levers that you control. When you move one lever, the other automatically goes back to its original place. This means they have more speed and are a lot more nimble than traditional riding lawn mowers. In terms of performance, they’re as good as any other riding lawn mowers out there.

What are the pros of riding lawn mowers?

  • With the largest size cutting up to 54 inches in a single pass, surely you can get a lot of mowing done in a short amount of time. These mowers can also bag all mulch and side discharge clippings too. Unless it’s a zero turn mower, steering is relatively easy to pick up. The seats themselves are high-elevated and comfortable—this means you can easily shift the cutting height as and how you need.

What are the cons of riding lawn mowers?

  • There are a few cons though. Bagging kits are some of the most expensive parts. But it’s fairly easy to replace them; you simply need to mow in side-discharge mode. They do require a lot of storage and a huge turning radius.
  • The cost is something you might also struggle with and this is why ample research and proper decision making is important.

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