Top 10 Products For Managing Incontinence In Adults

Top 10 Products For Managing Incontinence In Adults

Loss of bladder control, or incontinence, is attributed to various reasons and is more of a symptom than a health disorder. Generally observed in older adults or seniors, adult incontinence can occur due to consuming certain foods, vitamin overdose, hypertension, and the side-effects of heart medications. It can also occur due to urinary tract infection, constipation, or an enlarged prostate. In women, hysterectomy, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause often cause incontinence.

Although this is an inconvenient side-effect of another underlying health issue, it can be easily managed using incontinence supplies. Here are 10 of the best products used for the management of adult incontinence.

Adult briefs
They are, basically, adult diapers made of multiple layers of hydrophilic material. This material can absorb liquids and retain for a long time as well as control odor. These incontinence supplies also keep the moisture away from the skin, preventing infections. Adults briefs are available in various types, including reusable, disposable, daytime, overnight, and quilted. These types vary on the basis of how absorbent they are, making them suitable for incontinence of varying intensity and duration.

Bariatric briefs
Bariatric adult diapers or briefs have been designed for plus-sized adults. These incontinence supplies are disposable incontinence diapers and much more absorbent. This product is designed to provide maximum coverage with superior protection against leakage. Many brands offer bariatric briefs with adjustable side fasteners to be well-fitted to offer better mobility and comfort.

Bladder-control pads
Bladder control pads and liners can be used by men as well as women. These absorbent and disposable pads must be changed throughout the day. They are designed with adhesive strips on the side to hold them securely inside the underwear. Some of these incontinence supplies control light bladder leakage, while others have been designed to control moderate to heavy leakages. With regular changes, these pads can successfully keep moisture and odor at bay.

Drip collectors
This product is generally designed for male incontinence. Usually used for controlling light bladder leakage, drip collectors are well-suited incontinence supplies for patients restricted to their beds or have mobility issues. Those who are unable to wear diapers or briefs, drip collectors are less-bulky options. Moreover, drip collectors are really convenient with their easy on and off functionality. These are absorbent pockets with padded sheath and adhesive backing. Some even come with special briefs to hold the collector in place and are available in disposable as well as reusable variants.

Male incontinence products
These incontinence supplies include penile clamps, male guards, and condom catheters. Penile clamps are used for mild to moderate levels, keep the urethra closed, and can be used only for a short time. However, male guards can be used for a slightly longer time as they are small absorbent pads that work as a small sleeve to control light leakage. Condom catheters are similar to condoms but are connected to a tube that has a collection bag at the other end. The bag is usually strapped around the body.

These supplies have been devised for women. These are inserted into the vagina. This provides support to the bladder. In some cases, it also creates compression for the urethra. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, pessaries have to fit with professional assistance, i.e., only a doctor or physician can help with the fitting. These are removable devices that need to be thoroughly cleaned with soap water on a regular basis, at least once in a couple of weeks. Removal and cleaning can be done without professional help. However, some women may need assistance from a healthcare provider to monitor, clean, and replace the pessary once in three or six months.

Protective underpads are generally for overnight use. These are spread on furniture like sofas, chairs, and mattresses. These pads protect mattresses and sofas from leakage and keep them dry. Also, called as flat pads, these incontinence supplies have a moisture barrier layer on one side and absorbent layer on the other side for keeping everything moisture- and odor-free. Some brands are available with adhesive strips to keep the underpad securely in place. Many come with antifungal and antibacterial layers to prevent infection.

Similar to regular underwear available for men and women, these incontinence supplies are designed with a waterproof liner on the inside. Moreover, they have built-in cloth pads for higher absorption. These underwear are typically reusable and washable. Available in multiple colors, they can be found for daytime as well as overnight use. The overnight underwear for incontinence is designed with higher absorbency. These work like adult briefs by keeping the skin free from moisture and control odor as well.

Urinals and bedpans
For those who have mobility issues and can’t walk, portable toilets such as urinals and bedpans can be useful. Generally made from heavy-duty plastic, urinal kits are available for both men and women. You must consult a doctor to understand the type of portable toilet that can be effective to manage incontinence.

Waterproof quilts
Made from polyurethane, waterproof plush quilts can be used as throws to protect furniture. These incontinence supplies are made using non-toxic materials and provide comfort as well as protection. The materials used are very durable and flexible, ensuring these quits can be used for a long time. Moreover, these can be easily washed in a machine, making it easier to clean and maintain.

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