Top 5 Senior-Centric Cellphone Networks And What They Offer

Top 5 Senior-Centric Cellphone Networks And What They Offer

Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Phones have made it easy for everyone, especially seniors, to connect with friends and family wherever they want and where they go. The best part? These days cell phone carriers are offering some amazing deals for senior citizens that are too good to miss. Here’s a list of five popular cell phone carriers that offer the best senior-centric deals in the market.


AT&T is one of the best telecommunication companies in the country, with special deals and plans for everyone. The brand offers the AT&T Senior Nation plan to anyone 65 years of age or older. The offer provides 200 Anytime Minutes, Mobile to Mobile Minutes, and 500 Night and Weekends without the hassle of long-distance or roaming charges. Customers can get the deal at $29.99. To get the package, you need to chat with the AT&T associates, call them on 900.331.0500 (611 from your AT&T wireless phone), or visit an AT&T store.


T-Mobile features a bunch of unlimited 55+ plans. They include Essentials 55+ at $40/mo., Magenta® 55+ at $50/mo., and the Magenta® MAX 55+ for $65/mo. Based on the plan, you will receive 5G access without any extra cost to unlimited calls, text, and carrier smartphone data. There are no annual service contracts either. The Essentials Plan gets you 50% savings when compared to basic plans from other competitors. The Magenta® 55+ and Magenta® MAX 55+ deals come with available in-flight Wi-Fi services and Netflix plans. You can find these deals directly on T-Mobile’s website.


If you visit Verizon’s website today, be sure to check the special offer for people who are 55 and older. At $80/mo. for two lines (plus taxes and fees), the carrier deal is a steal. You are entitled to unlimited 4G LTE Data, unlimited talk and text, and DVD-Quality streaming. Further, the senior phone plan offers an unlimited mobile hotspot of up to (600 Kbps). Verizon Select participants are also eligible for Verizon Up rewards. As for your phone, the carrier offers a Total Mobile Protection plan for fast repairs and quick replacements. Once again, you can find all the information in detail on their website.


Lively™, earlier known as GreatCall, is powered by the most reliable wireless network, Verizon. Lively offers smartphones such as the Jitterbug Smart3 and the Jitterbug Flip2. The Jitterbug Smart3 is currently available at $74.99 compared to the original price of $74.99. However, this is available online for a limited amount of time. As for the Jitterbug Flip2, the device is available for $29.99 instead of the regular $99.99. The carrier also has other deals, like you can get the Lively Basic package, the Preferred package, or the Ultimate package for $19.99, $24.99, and $34.99, respectively. Each deal comes with its own set of services, so be sure to check them out on the carrier’s website. What’s more, unlike other competitor carriers, Lively™ steers clear of long-term contracts and offers only monthly payment options.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is a popular telecommunication company that offers excellent cell phone services for all age groups. The company offers many deals for senior citizens—for example, the Mint 55+ package. As part of the offer, seniors are eligible for the unlimited talk and text plan for just $15/mo. Further, the company makes activation easy with their free MINTech advisor’s service. Users are eligible for complete service activation, transfer of the existing phone number, and cancellation and transfer of the service. The deal also includes 4Gb of 5G/4G LTE data per month, free international calls to Mexico and Canada, and a free mobile hotspot drawn directly from the monthly allotment of high-speed data.

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