Tips To Consider Before Buying A Laptop

Tips To Consider Before Buying A Laptop

These days, laptops have surpassed traditional desktop computers. Most buyers prefer laptops because they boast affordable components, powerful portable technology, and compact design. Since there are so many varieties, choosing the best one may not be very easy. So we have put together a detailed buying guide for laptops to help you make an informed decision. Also, find the top 3 laptop models of 2021 and some cyber sale tips to help you save big.

Plan your budget

Thanks to tough competition between top laptop brands, you can buy a laptop for as low as $200. For budget-friendly options, wait for holiday deals and discount offers on laptops. But if you have the margin, invest in a quality laptop with fast performance and good display. HP Stream and Dell Inspiron 11 3000 are the least expensive that cost about $150-$200. Laptops above $900 are the luxurious and lightest ones with the best processors, discrete graphics, and powerful resolutions.

Pick your operating system

Do you want Windows or MacOS? There is no wrong answer in this one, as picking an operating system is one’s preference. If you are confused, here’s a summary of each. Windows 10 is the most flexible operating system. Windows notebooks are generally inexpensive and offer features like touch screens and dual graphic chips. MacOS Big Sur is Apple’s latest desktop operating system. It is similar to Windows but uses a different interface. You can also take a look at other operating systems like Chrome OS and Linux.


If your budget allows, opt for the most powerful processor. Processors are the brains of the laptop, and they have a significant influence on performance. Intel is typically found on most laptop spaces; however, there are a few AMD processors too. Inexpensive laptops offer Atom, Celeron, and Pentium processors, suitable for light document editing and browsing. But at least opt for Intel Core i3, or better yet, an i5 or i7. Next, you should check the RAM. Most offer only 4GB space, but you should opt for a minimum of 8GB. Get a laptop with a solid-state drive (SSD), as these are three times faster than a hard drive. Consider buying a laptop with a minimum of 9 plus hours battery life with a 12.5- to 14-inch screen space. If you are into gaming, you may want a laptop with good graphics. Most budget laptops have a 1366 x 768 display, but you can opt for business laptops that have HD or 4k screens.

Top 3 laptops of 2021

We have shortlisted the three best laptops of 2021. In the first position, we have the Dell XPS 13. It has an excellent performance, 3.5K OLED touchscreen, i3-i7 processor, option to choose 8 or 16GB RAM, SSD storage, powerful display, and a sleek design. The Apple MacBook Air with M1 comes in second. It has the latest Apple M1 CPU, fantastic battery life (14-plus hours), and performs commands remarkably fast. This newest model has a Magic Keyboard, a better upgrade than the previous ones. In the third position is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. This laptop is best for productivity, powered with Intel Core i5/i7, touchscreen, amazing graphics, and up to 1TB SSD storage. Additionally, it’s got a comfortable keypad with an Alcantara deck, best suited for wrist relaxation, 10-plus hours of battery life, and integrated Intel Iris Xe or Radeon graphics. 

Saving tips

The key here is to buy at the right time. You can find the best cyber sale deals and discounts on holidays or mega shopping events. Even a 10% discount could amount to a fair chunk of money. You can head straight to the manufacturer’s website or go to a major retailer like B&H or Newegg. If a manufacturer has announced a new model, the last generation prices could likely drop. Therefore keep an eye on major tech announcements. Most sales take place in April, August, September, and November. If you want a laptop with high-end configurations, opt for refurbished models with an extended warranty.

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