Tips And Techniques For Bikini Line Hair Removal

Tips And Techniques For Bikini Line Hair Removal

Tips and techniques for bikini line hair removal

Wearing a bikini is not for everyone; but that’s just what people say. No matter how you look or how “out of shape” people think you are, you can still sport a bikini. But there’s one tiny trouble that comes along with wearing a bikini—bikini line hair removal. As much as everyone wants to wear a bikini, no one really likes indulging into bikini line hair removal. There are many reasons for this with the primary ones being the pain and effort involved in this activity. However, none of this stops women from doing it and sporting a bikini! Here is a list of questions associated to bikini line hair removal and some tips.

What are the DIY methods for bikini line hair removal?

  • Razor shave – Shaving is one of the easiest ways of getting rid of hair from your body, and the same applies for pubic hair. Although you will have to be a little extra careful in this case. The best part about shaving is that it is not very expensive, and does not cause a lot of pain if done correctly. Make sure you do it correctly as an incorrect stroke could lead to a cut.
  • Hair removal cream – If you are not the shaving kind, you can stick to a hair removal cream and enjoy another painless method. But, in this case, you must make sure that you have the cream with the right consistency. If the cream is too strong, you might develop rashes leading to itching. If the cream is weak, you might not get desired results and have patchy hair.

What are the various salon options for bikini line hair removal?

  • Waxing – This is one of the most painful methods, but it can give you a long-lasting results as compared to other methods. This method will not allow the hair to grow back for weeks and give you smooth skin at the same time.
  • Brazilian wax – A Brazilian wax is a lot more painful than the normal hot wax method. In this case, the wax will be applied all over your bikini area. This is done for waxing every single strand of hair from the area. This is an extremely painful method and you might also have to bare your vagina to the person who is waxing you. This process can only be done when the hair is fully grown.
  • Laser hair reduction – This is a technique that can lead to permanent hair reduction as you go from session to session. It is gaining popularity all over the country as a top bikini line hair removal technique. There is a laser that is used to get rid of the hair follicle and reduce hair growth. You might be required to apply an anesthetic cream as you might still feel some pain.

What are the tips for bikini line hair removal?
bikini line hair removal is a tricky process; here are a set of tips for the methods mentioned above.

  • Razor shave – Apply shaving gel and let is stay for a bit, shave downwards (in the direction of the hair growth), and apply a moisturizer or aftershave gel once done.
  • Hair removal cream – Test the cream on other parts of your body. If you feel a burning sensation, wash the area with water immediately.
  • Waxing – Make sure your salon lady uses disposable wax strips. Apply a cold compress after the session and only wear cotton underwear for a day or two.
  • Brazilian wax – Opt for this only if you are comfortable with bikini wax. Try to get an anesthetic cream before the process.
  • Laser hair reduction: Do not go for this method with overgrown hair; trim them before going. Do not go for this method, if you are menstruating.

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