Things To Know If You Are A Margarita Lover

Things To Know If You Are A Margarita Lover

Things to know if you are a margarita lover

The margarita is one of the many cocktails on the cocktail canon that does not have a concrete origin story. One of the earliest stories is of the margarita being invented by Carlos Herrera back in the 1930s; there are also other claims to the origin story. Margarita—a mixture of tequila, triple sec, some orange juice, and garnishes— has since then become one of the most popular cocktails. Most of us are aware of the necessary ingredients required to perfect a margarita, but only a few can master the recipe. If you’re wondering which are the best margarita recipes and how to go about executing it, the following questions can give you a better idea of the same. You can try these out and impress your guests the next time you host a cocktail party.

Are there any unique margarita recipes to make at home?

  • Moscato Margarita Recipe: For this recipe, you will need sugar, lime wedges, silver tequila, chopped strawberries, Moscato, orange liqueur, lime juice, and crushed ice. It is an easy variant and can be executed at home. You will first need to rim the glass with lemon wedges and dip them in sugar. Now, all you need to do is mix all the remaining ingredients in a shaker, shake, and serve fresh.
  • Black Magic Margarita Recipe: For this recipe, you will require black sanding sugar; ice; silver tequila; orange liqueur; lime juice; red, blue, and green food coloring; and lime slices. Rim the glasses with lime and black sanding sugar. After this, add the rest of the ingredients, except for the food colorings, to the shaker and shake them well. Pour in a glass, add the food coloring till you get the black color, garnish, and serve.

Which cocktails are similar to the margarita?

  • Silver Monk: This is one of the best twists to a margarita recipe and its invention can be credited to Philip Ward. The cocktail includes cucumbers for mixing as well as garnish, mint leaves, and simple syrup apart from the original ingredients of a margarita.
  • Pepino’s Revenge: Wolfgang Puck, the famous mixologist, created this mix and it is available at his restaurants. It is a cocktail that is based with silver tequila, cucumbers, and basil leaves. It, however, does not include orange liqueur, which is common in margaritas.
  • Mexican Three-Way Recipe: Chino Latino, Minneapolis, is a restaurant that serves this cocktail; this restaurant is also famous for its cocktails from Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand, Korea, and Polynesia. This cocktail comprises kosher salt, ice, 90ml tequila and similar parts of orange liqueur, along with tamarind juice.

Which are the different types of margarita recipes?

  • Fruity margaritas recipes: Fruity margaritas are one of the first options to try when one considers modifying a margarita recipe. The watermelon margarita and blackberry margarita are two of the most popular fruity margaritas.
  • Beer margaritas recipes: A large population of margarita drinkers are fans of beer margaritas. These margaritas can be a simple mixture of beer and lemonade or a more complex mixture of tequila, beer, coarse salt, lime, and limeade concentrate.
  • Spicy margaritas recipes: This category is specially for people that like to spice up most of their cocktails. The best spicy margarita is the Sunburned Strawberry Margarita, which is a spicy-sweet margarita. The difference in change is due to the addition of jalapenos and strawberries.

Which places offer some of the best margaritas in the country?

  • Tres, San Francisco: This lounge is known for its tequila drinks and has an entire page dedicated to margaritas. The page is organized according to the type of tequila starting from Unaged Blanco to Special Edition Reserva. All the margaritas at this lounge have a base of agave nectar and fresh-squeezed Mexican lime juice.
  • Mayahuel, New York City: This place is owned by one of New York’s finest mixologist, Philip Ward. He opened this bar in 2009 and made it home for some ravishing cocktails and lip-smacking Mexican food. One of their top drink specialties is the Classic Margarita with blanco tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau.
  • Rivera, Los Angeles: John Rivera Sedlar owns this Latin restaurant; their classic margarita is called the “Rivera Margarita.” This cocktail is special as it is mixed with home-made Curaçao. You are also allowed to choose your own tequila from their 20 blanco tequilas.

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