Popular 5G Phone Plans To Check Out

Popular 5G Phone Plans To Check Out

The 5G network has finally found its place in the 21st century, and we couldn’t be happier. The bandwidth offers low latency, higher transmission speeds, increased device connectivity, network slicing, and more. Despite 5G’s regional limitations, telecom carriers are working each day to make the bandwidth available to everyone. These carriers have even curated attractive 5G network phone plans that give customers every reason to upgrade to the latest bandwidth.

Verizon 5G

Verizon has remained a key player in the telecom industry for years, and the same goes for their 5G offerings. The brand offers many mix and match 5G unlimited plans that can work for family members on your account. The more plans you make, the better the deal. For example, while a single plan will cost you $70 per line per month, four lines would cost just $35 per line per month. You are also entitled to unlimited talk, text, and data with no overage charges. Keep in mind that both these plans come with additional taxes and fees. As for the offer, Verizon’s mix and match 5G plan comes with subscriptions to Disney+, discovery+, Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, and Apple Music. All of the subscriptions are valid for six months. There are other deals, too, such as the Just Kids plan, Do More Unlimited plan, and the Play More Unlimited plan, all of which are available on Verizon’s official website.


T-Mobile is a popular pick not only for regular plans but also for its 5G deals. Currently, you can find three popular 5G plans on the official website based on the subscriptions for three lines. They are the Essentials, Magenta®, and Magenta® Max plans. One line of the Essentials plan is available for $30/month and offers 50GB of available 5G data. As for the Magenta®, you will get 100GB available 5G data for $40/month and unlimited data with the Magenta® Max plan at $47/month. The second and third plans also get you access to Netflix subscriptions, so be sure to check all the websites for the best offers. The brand even clubs its network services with cell phones to help you get the best deal on your next upgrade.


Fast. Reliable. Secure. These are three words etched on AT&T’s homepage that define just what its 5G bandwidth is capable of. The brand has also been rated one of the most reliable 5G networks by GWS. As for the 5G plans, the AT&T unlimited Elite® plan is available for $50/month per line when you get four lines. You get unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data in the plan, inclusive of 5G access. You also get AT&T ActiveArmor℠ advanced security for a safe calling and browsing experience. The Elite® plan also comes with 40GB hotspot data per line per month and 4K UHD streaming. You can even go for other plans like the AT&T Unlimited Extra® Plan for $40/line and the AT&T Unlimited Starter® plan for $35/line for four lines. All plans come with additional taxes and fees, the details of which are available on the official website.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is a fairly new player in the telecommunications sector that offers affordable yet premium wireless services directly to customers. Right now, the company offers three months free to new customers when you buy any 3-month plan (taxes and fees extra). These deals are available in 4GB for $15/month, 10GB, for $20/month, 15GB for $25/month, and unlimited for $30/month. Despite the varying price range, each of these deals comes with unlimited talk and text, nationwide coverage, and an auto-switch between 5G and 4G based on the network strength.

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