Makeup Basics – Understanding How To Apply A Foundation

Makeup Basics – Understanding How To Apply A Foundation

Makeup basics – Understanding how to apply a foundation

“The perception of beauty is a moral test” – Henry David Thoreau

Cosmetic products have been used to enhance the external appearance or fragrance of the body. Makeup was first used by Egyptians and ancient Greeks to improve their appearance. The products and industry both have evolved in the last 5,000 years owing to technological advances and innovation. Foundation forms one of the most basic elements of any makeup kit, which is used to cover spots, blemish, acne, and uneven skin and color. A primer is applied before the foundation has been used to hide any flaws in your skin, which then forms the basis for different types of makeup.

There is a correct order in which basic makeup is applied, which includes the use of color correction cosmetic products firstly, followed by foundation, and final touches are then made with a concealer. Our skin ages as we grow old, which is why products like foundation have also been developed for aging skin. Even the best foundation for aging skin cannot reverse the process. It, however, does a pretty good job of concealing the flaws and makes you look a few years younger in just a few simple steps. However, with so many prominent brand and products in the cosmetics line, finding the best foundation for aging skin can be confusing.

The following points will help you narrow down the best foundation for aging skin.

What are the different types of foundations?

  • Commonly available foundations include the ones which consist of a cream base, pressed powder base, a liquid base, mineral powder base or even a gel base.
  • Even some of the best foundations for aging skin will be developed using a particular base, which is why it is a good idea to read up more about the types of foundation.
  • Different foundation bases will have different ways for the application.

How can you identify the shade of foundation?

  • It is imperative to understand and identify the type of shade which can be applied since the foundation is not something which you will apply on your entire face.
  • An easy way of identifying the shade of foundation will be to dab a little on your jawline and wait for a couple of hours to see how the same looks in the natural light. This will allow you to check if the particular shade suits you after which foundation and primer can be applied as the base coat.

Which foundation is best suited for your skin?

  • Foundations are developed keeping in mind your skin type primarily. If you have dry skin, professionals recommend a liquid-based or cream-based foundation.
  • For people with oily skin, using a pressed powder foundation is recommended.
  • Skin type has to be taken into preference while shopping for best foundation for aging skin especially.

Is it necessary to use foundations according to changing seasons?

  • Cosmetic products are put through a number of tests and clinical trials before any product can be deemed safe to use.
  • It has been observed that different weather and seasonal changes have an effect on foundation types which is why cream based foundations are recommended for cold, harsh winters.
  • For the summer, pressed powder compacts are effective. For the monsoon powder compacts which are designed to tackle moisture and humidity should be used.
  • It is advisable to purchase the best foundation for aging skin which has been mainly manufactured for a particular season.

Which is the best foundation for aging skin?

Popular five picks of best foundation for aging skin include Hourglass immaculate liquid powder foundation, Stila illuminating liquid foundation, La Prairie skin caviar concealer foundation, NARS all day luminous weightless foundation, and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, among many others.

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