How To Select The Best Field Service Dispatch Software

How To Select The Best Field Service Dispatch Software

How to select the best field service dispatch software

Service managers have their task cut out. They have to schedule tasks at a customer’s premises and see that the service personnel stick to it. This scheduling and dispatch operation is far from easy. They need to collaborate with a host of personnel to ensure that these services are rendered according to the schedule.

So, they must ensure adequate stock, processing time, packaging, and delivery according to the schedule. A field service dispatch software is needed to ensure a smooth flow of orders and their execution.

What is the most important feature of a field service dispatch software?

  • A field service dispatch software must have a smart scheduling feature. You need this feature to change schedules on the fly and update service personnel or delivery people about these changes.
  • You need a smooth system to ensure that there is no mismatch between the schedule and dispatch teams. Such a smart feature is an essential requirement for any software.

What is the most vital feature of a field service dispatch software for customers?

  • While scheduling service personnel or delivery people, you also need to update the customer about the same.
  • The software must have the provision of sending text messages to individual customers indicating the time of delivery or attendance. While this feature keeps the customer informed and ready for the event, it also helps to improve customer satisfaction.

What are the advantages of tracking service personnel?

  • To ensure optimal utilization of the company’s resources, one needs to track their personnel. Hence, it makes sense to have an in-vehicle telematics system for all the service and delivery vehicles.
  • The field service dispatch software must receive this feed from the telematics system. By combining these systems, one can make their company’s schedules more effective by keeping track of employees and assigning tasks to them depending on their locations.

How can a company improve their customer engagement?

  • There are some field service dispatch software which helps with customer relationship management as well. This feature may be in addition to the company’s existing CRM practice. Through this feature, one can set up automated messaging for a select group of customers.
  • The feature may store customer data, such as the last job done at the premises, specific details of products, issues addressed, name, address, etc. The company’s module can use this data to send automated emails to customers.

How can one send different work orders to different people?

  • There may be different work orders for different personnel. The service personnel must have specific details of the job, the item they need to work on, and the task that they need to complete. For this, the company needs to send specific details to every person.
  • A company’s field service dispatch software needs a feature whereby work orders are automated, organized, and issued smoothly and effectively. Since a work order might contain a lot of information, an automated and detailed work order dispatch system can improve the overall operations.
  • An automated work order could be sent to personnel digitally where every detail about a specific job will be provided.

What details are needed for smooth work order management?

  • Work order management is an integral feature of any field service dispatch software. However, effective use of this feature depends a lot on its efficiency. It must serve some essential functions.
  • The dispatcher must be able to record a customer’s details and their issues with a specific product or service. The dispatcher must also be able to track the employee to ensure that the given issue has been sorted out on time. It must also enable the service personnel to record notes on the digital form, and extend the work order if there are any unforeseen circumstances.

What are the other features that one needs to keep in mind?

  • A field service dispatch software is the backbone of servicing agencies, delivery companies, and their ilk. If it breaks down or a company doesn’t get to use the service for even an hour, their plans would go haywire.
  • So, look for a vendor who is has a reputation for excellent service.

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