How To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets

How To Buy Cheap Broadway Tickets

How to buy cheap Broadway tickets
Broadway tickets refer to the entry passes for Broadway Theatres, which showcase famous theatrical performances in the country. Broadway theatres are considered to be the most respected commercial theatres in New York City. The Broadway theatres are primarily musicals and are a pivotal aspect of American culture.

What is the price of Broadway tickets today?

  • The average first-time pass of Broadway tickets cost $100.
  • Due to higher demands, the price of Broadway tickets has been rising consistently. Sometimes, the price of the first-time pass exceeds $100.
  • The blockbuster performances sometimes charge up to $500 for the best seats.

What is TKTS?

  • TKTS Discount Booths are a method used by most theatre lovers.
  • One of Theatre Development Fund’s (TDF’s) TKTS Discount Booth, which is located in Duffy Square, offers great discounts on Broadway tickets for most of the Broadway hits.
  • If your taste is non-musical performances, you can visit the booth located in Times Square. It offers an express check-out facility with its “Paly Express” window.
  • TDF also runs two other booths in Lincoln Centre and South Street Seaport. They sell matinee tickets prior to one day of the play.
  • Furthermore, you can buy discounted Broadway tickets from the TKTS app and website. They allow you to purchase six tickets in one go. They also charge a fee of $6 per ticket. The fee is less than those of other Broadway ticketing websites.

Can I save money by buying Broadway tickets online?

  • Online Broadway ticketing platforms offer convenience along with great savings.
  • TodayTix is one of the most popular apps for discounted Broadway tickets. This app allows you a month’s window to find and buy them.
  • New York Show Tickets is also a reliable source of buying affordable Broadway tickets online. This online platform charges a monthly membership fee of $4.
  • You can refer to websites such as TheaterMania, BroadwayBox, and GoldStar to buy highly discounted Broadway tickets. However, you need to remember that these websites charge a fee, which ranges from $10 to $15 on per ticket purchased.

What are same day rush tickets and the Broadway lottery?

  • Many Broadway theatre productions offer same-day rush tickets, which can be bought at a cheaper price.
  • Broadway tickets in rush can cost you as low as $20.
  • To avail such rush tickets, visit the box offices of Broadway theatres at 11 am on Sunday and at 10 am during weekdays.
  • Online ticketing platform TodayTix runs mobile rush, where you can consider buying standing-room tickets.
  • Furthermore, you can play the popular Broadway lotteries, such as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child lottery and Hamilton lottery. With the winnings, you can buy a Broadway ticket at the low price of $10.

Do members of TDF pay less for tickets?

  • Try a membership to get priority access to the discounted Broadway tickets.
  • The membership of TDF costs $30 and allows you to explore various Broadway tickets deals weeks prior to the show.
  • The membership of TDF also lets you watch the Off-Off Broadway shows at $9 under its OffOff@9 program.
  • There are annual membership packages available as well. With them, you can explore and buy discounted Broadways tickets around the year.

Do Broadway theatres sell tickets to youngsters at discounted prices?

  • The non-profit Broadway theatre groups offer Broadway tickets at a discounted price to cater to younger audiences.
  • By joining the Hiptix program, you can buy Broadway tickets at just $25, if you are between the ages of 18 to 35.
  • Under the LincTicx program, the Lincoln Centre Theatre offers $32 worth of Broadway tickets to audiences aged between 21 and 35.
  • Similarly, the 30 Under 30 program of Manhattan Theatre Club offers tickets at $30 to audiences aged 30 or lower.

If you are looking to buy Broadway tickets at a cheaper price, research well from the sources mentioned above and enjoy a good show!

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