Here Are Some Pivotal Factors About AARP And Its Membership Benefits

Here Are Some Pivotal Factors About AARP And Its Membership Benefits

Here are some pivotal factors about AARP and its membership benefits

The American Association of Retired Persons or AARP is a leading organization in the country that works towards the welfare of people in the age group of fifty or above. Founded by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, the association was set up in 1958 and works as a nonprofit and nonpartisan group. AARP has around 40 million members and it is becoming one of the most preferred organizations for seniors to associate with. The AARP organization functions through a comprehensive national network and experienced volunteers who strive to provide optimal education, advocacy, information, and community services for seniors. Getting an AARP membership can give seniors a slew of benefits and here are some factors that will help one get an in-depth understanding of the organization:

What is the cost of getting an AARP membership?

The AARP membership fees are levied annually. The cost of membership is approximately $16 per year. However, one must visit the AARP website to know of any changes in the current pricing. For members who sign up for more than one year, the organization offers exceptional deals that are worth considering. Some of the discounts include:

  • $12 for the first year: However, one can only take advantage of this deal if they opt for auto-renewal of the membership for the following year.
  • $43 for three years: This amounts to $14.34 per year and is a good deal for anyone looking to get a long-term membership.
  • $63 for five years: This one of the most discounted plans offered by AARP and is another good deal for people looking to get a long-term membership.

What are the travel deals given to AARP members?

Great travel deals are offered to AARP members. For those who travel frequently, here are some benefits provided:

  • Cruises: One can enjoy discounts on the fares of several cruises such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Grand European Travel, and the Windstar. The deals are brought forth by the AARP® Travel Center and is beneficial for seniors who love to take frequent vacations on cruise ships.
  • Car rentals: AARP is affiliated with several traditional car rental companies, and thus, members can enjoy discounts on this service. One can also avail of a 30 percent discount on a Zipcar membership.
  • Hotels: AARP members can get discounts at Days Inn and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts among others. Moreover, Endless Vacation Rentals® offers a discount of up to 35 percent to AARP members.

What are the types of information that members can source through AARP?

A lot of seniors may find it difficult to get essential information from different sources. The AARP Foundation effectively brings a vast bank of information that can aid in serving the queries of its members. The types of information provided include:

  • Directory service that helps seniors find the best volunteering opportunities around them
  • Help with any problems pertaining to housing and mobility
  • Information about estate planning
  • Resources for better investment or financial planning
  • The foundation also conducts several webinars that address topics from Social Security to Medicare
  • A member can also avail of the AARP Auto Buying Program that aims to help seniors make the correct choice when purchasing a vehicle

What are the insurance benefits that one gets with an AARP membership?

The exclusive insurance benefits are one of the best offerings that AARP members enjoy.

  • The AARP Foundation partners with companies including New York Life and The Hartford. Thus, members can avail of great deals on insurance and financial products that are not offered to the rest of the population.
  • From home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, dental plans, and even small business insurance, there are great deals offered by the AARP insurance programs.

One of the most notable factors that sets AARP apart from the rest is that it enables members to join the organization even at the age of 50. Most other similar setups require the member to be at least 55 years or older to reap the best benefits. The AARP organization also brings alluring perks such as its dating site for single members and other benefits like the AARP magazine, thereby giving the best value to its senior members.

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