Everything You Need To Know About The Home Warranty Companies

Everything You Need To Know About The Home Warranty Companies

Everything you need to know about the home warranty companies

A home warranty covers appliances and systems in a home that suffer degradation because of prolonged use over a long period of time. The policyholder determines the extent of the coverage; however, customization is also possible. Commonly, a typical home warranty plan covers heating systems and ductwork, ceiling fans, plumbing systems, exhaust fans, electrical systems, garage door openers, water heater, plumbing stoppage, and more. Plan options vary as per the states, for example, home warranty plans that apply in Texas might not be available in another state.

To get the best home warranty plan it is necessary to be aware of some important information, read on to know more.

Why do you need to buy a home warranty?
Some of the reasons why you need to buy a home warranty plan are:

  • You are too busy to handle all the things that break down.
  • For a big items that require repair, such as a water-heater, a HVAC system, or a refrigerator, you can’t always afford to take a financial hit.
  • Over time, your appliances will get old and will start to break down. It’s a good idea to have a single point of contact for all the troubling appliances.
  • You can even chart a calendar based on the product’s brand, model number, age, and any print or online material to determine the value of your home warranty.
  • If you are planning to sell your home, having a home warranty adds value and increases the chances of attracting a buyer.
  • You also get coverage for the entire time your house is listed. Meaning, you can get up to 18 months of coverage for a 12 months cost.

Which services are covered under the Home Warranty of America?

  • Flexibility and versatility are the selling point for the Home Warranty of America.
  • Their coverage plans are categorized into two main types, namely, plans for buyers and plans for sellers.
  • Depending on the state in which you reside, you will have the choice between two to three plans from the for buyers and for sellers category.
  • Home Warranty of America’s most cost-effective plan is called gold, and it runs for 13 months and covers all the basic systems.
  • Their platinum plan covers all the basic system as well as premium coverage, which includes 30 items that home warranty companies usually avoid.
  • Home Warranty of America’s diamond plan covers all the above mentioned points and also gives you a orange plus coverage, which includes improperly matched or installed systems and removal of defective equipment.

What systems are covered under 365 Home Warranty plan?

  • 365 Home Warranty proposes three distinctive home appliance and system coverage plans.
  • They have the basic plan, the standard plan, and the premium plan.
  • The basic and the standard plans can be modified according to the likings of the customer.
  • The basic plan is exclusively an appliance coverage plan in which you can choose five appliances from a list to cover.
  • The standard plan has an offering for whole appliance coverage and covers two home systems of your choice.
  • The premium plan offers the most widespread coverage of both home appliances and systems. It also includes all home appliances that can be covered by the standard plan.

Which services are provided by the Total Home Protection home warranty plan?

Total Home Protection provides two home warranty plans, the gold plan and the platinum, plus elective coverage.

  • Gold plan– The gold plan is quite comprehensive and includes many appliances and systems like the plumbing system, plumbing stoppage, water heater, whirlpool bathtub, electrical system, and many more.
  • Platinum plan– The platinum plan includes everything the gold plan offers, plus two air conditioning units, two units of the heating system, refrigerator, washing machine, and clothes dryer.
  • Optional coverage– In addition to these two plans, Total Home Protection also offers optional coverage for customers’ pools and spas, additional spas, limited roof leaks, and also central vacuums.

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