Basics For Buying The Perfect Mattress

Basics For Buying The Perfect Mattress

Basics for buying the perfect mattress
If you don’t wake up feeling rested despite decent hours spent in bed, it could be an issue with your mattress. More often than not, we believe it to be because of factors like too much use of electronics while in bed, uncomfortable sleepwear, or partner’s snoring. While these could be affecting your sleep quality, it is advisable to consider a change in your mattress if you also wake up with pain in your back along with restless sleep. If your mattress is older than five or max seven years, it is time for a change.

The range of options available in the market makes choosing the right mattresses a difficult choice. Below are some basics to buying the perfect mattress.

What are the options available to buy mattresses with perfect dimensions?

  • Online stores– This is one of the best platforms to avail mattresses at discounted rates. Purple, Casper, Saatva, Tuft & Needle, and Loom and Leaf are some of the best online places to buy from. Most online stores offer some discount or deals on their products.
  • Hybrid stores– The prices in hybrid stores are comparatively higher as the concept is more of a brick and mortar and people have faith.
  • Showrooms– Most brands have their own showrooms where you can check out the mattress and buy it right away.
  • Department stores– What could be better than having an array of products and brands displayed right in front of you?

How do you figure out the perfect mattress size for two people?

  • Obviously, the size of your bed plays a key role in the selection of your perfect mattress.
  • Your sleeping habits also determine what size fits your sleeping patterns well.
  • You should also know your bedroom dimensions well as getting huge mattresses in and out of the room can be a pain in the neck.
  • The full/double and the double XL mattresses give you ample room and work well for two people.
  • Motion isolation should be minimal.

How do you decide on the mattress size for your guest bedroom?

  • You have to work on the room dimensions and space available to decide on the mattress size.
  • For frequent visitors, a king or a queen size is a good fit. If that does not work, single mattress sizes can also be considered.
  • You could remove extra furniture and décor from the guest room to fit in a large size mattress
  • Ideally, a bigger size does the job in a guest room, so choose accordingly
  • Getting hold of an adjustable mattress is a jackpot for maximum comfort

What are the dimensions available in the country for mattresses?

  • 38/75 inches is the size of the single mattress, which is perfect for the kids, a single child, and maybe even a guest. It is perfect for limited budgets and small bedrooms.
  • 38/80 inches that is the twin XL size is perfect for tall people as well as for a single person.
  • 53/75 inches is perfect for two people.
  • 53/80 inches is the full XL size, which is perfect for tall people and couples.
  • 60/80 inches is the queen size mattress, which is very common in the country.
  • 76/80 inches is the king-size mattress with maximum sleeping space and is perfect for large rooms.
  • 72/84 inches is considered as the Western king size.
  • You could also customize your mattress size per your preferences, apart from the above-listed standard sizes

What are the best mattresses companies in the country that offer quality, perfection, and comfort?

  • Recovr
  • Purple
  • Pangeabed
  • Leesa
  • Loom and Leaf
  • Mattress Firm
  • Sleep Number
  • Easy Rest
  • Luma Sleep
  • US Mattress
  • Nest Bedding
  • Saatva
  • Helix
  • Amerisleep
  • Simmons
  • Bed in a box
  • Stearns and Foster Lux
  • Live and sleep
  • The Original Mattress Factory
  • Serta
  • Thomasville Bedding Company

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