Advantages Of Weed Trimmers

Advantages Of Weed Trimmers

Advantages of weed trimmers

One of the most common tools which the gardeners use to take out all the undesirable weeds in the garden is the weed trimmer. The generic names of weed trimmers are weed eaters and string trimmer. These tools are lightweight and they can trim all those unwanted grasses by using a swiftly spinning microfilament string that becomes hard enough to cut grass and weeds.

What are the tips for buying a weed trimmer?
Tips for choosing the best weed trimmer for your garden are as follows:

  • The selection of the weed cutting diameter depends upon the types and size of the garden, type foliage, and weeds which you need to control. If you have a medium garden, then cutting diameter of the trimmer should be 10-14 inches. If you have a large garden with dense foliage, then you have to choose a trimmer having a diameter of 15-18 inches.
  • The safety guard is placed over the cutting head or string. It protects you from any type of damage and injury. Safety guard protects you from the flying debris. Select weed trimmer with a comfortable safety guard because large-sized guards can obscure your view.
  • If you have a large garden then you must have to use a shoulder harness because it needs more time to trim. Most models do not contain shoulder harness; shoulder harness will make your trimming work easier and save your back.
  • Trimmer contains two types of the trimmer and they are a single cutting line and twin line. The single cutting line is an easier thread and twin line quite difficult to handle but gives a better cut.
  • Some trimmers provide additional accessories like extra edging heads and brush cutting blades. You have to check all the accessories which are provided with trimmers.

How are handles important in weed trimmers?

  • Comfortable handle is a basic requirement of the weed trimmer to grip it properly.
  • Trimming is comfortable with the adjustable handle which you can adjust as per height or as you want.
  • With an adjustable handle, you can change the horizontal trimming into vertical trimming.

What are curved shafts in weed trimmers?

  • Curved shafts are used for smaller lawns and flowerbeds, they are ideal for trimming around narrow.
  • Curved shaft is shorter, lighter and easy to handle, they require less space to store and are best for smaller gardens.

Why are STIHL weed trimmers a great option for trimming?

  • STIHL weed trimmers have a three-position choke lever, fully enclosed engine and an easy start with gentle pull recoil.
  • All these features of this weed trimmer show its vigilance and fastidious engineering.
  • This trimmer comes with a variety of handle options with different length shaft, straight shaft, bike handle and loop handle configurations.
  • This unique trimmer is helpful to anyone in any requirement, whether you need it in the home or for a professional tough brush removal.
  • It has a fuel-efficient and powerful engine with solid and strong construction.
  • It enhances the comfort of trimming with its anti-vibration technology.
  • STIHL also offers electrical and Lithium-Ion battery powered trimmers that are environmental-friendly, unlike those gasoline-powered trimmers that produce a lot of smoke.
  • This weed trimmer is a lightweight product and it doesn’t produce any sound.

What are the advantages of ECHO string weed trimmers?

  • ECHO string weed trimmers are one of the world’s finest, professionally used weed trimmers.
  • This weed trimmer is a light-weight design and comes under the category of powerful professional-grade trimmers.
  • It has a pull starter and modified ergonomic controls, thereby making it an easy-to-use product.
  • This weed trimmer has a two-stroke engine technologies that provide you with the tools to increase your output.
  • ECHO provides you with a wide range of options in trimming the garden. You can use a light-weight curved shaft for simple trimming and straight shaft design for the longer areas.
  • You can find various other options like split shaft design or a steel drive design.
  • These can be used for increasing cutting head acceleration.
  • These weed trimmers can also be utilized in various tough grasses with more torque to enhance the cutting power.

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