A Few Things To Know About Senior Living

A Few Things To Know About Senior Living

A few things to know about senior living

Senior apartments are living spaces that have been specifically designed for seniors who are 55 years old or older. These are retirement communities that let seniors live an independent life. Seniors who do not need daily nursing services or any kind of any assistance for their routine activities usually opt to live in senior communities after their retirement. Also, seniors who want to cut back on their living expenses, want to travel around, or no longer want to the responsibility of managing a home choose to live in senior apartments. These communities provide secure living spaces with all essential amenities within accessible limits.

Read on to know more about senior living.

What are the different types of housing for seniors?

  • Senior apartments: These are the typical type of independent senior living housing. These living communities include services such as meal, recreational, and transportation facilities.
  • Continuing care: These are communities that provide assisted living facilities along with skilled nursing services to seniors. Such communities let seniors live independently along with different levels of assisted care.
  • Subsidized housing: These are affordable housing facilities for seniors provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These communities are built for seniors with low income.
  • Naturally Occurring Retirement Community: This is a community that is not designed specifically for seniors. However, these communities have a large number of senior residences. Unlike other senior communities, Naturally Occurring Retirement Community lacks the amenities essential for seniors.
  • Housing units: These senior communities that include condominiums, cottages, mobile homes, duplexes, single-family homes, or townhouses. There are some housing units that have senior apartments, which let seniors live an independent life.

What is the age requirement for senior apartment living?

  • Most senior apartments have an age restriction of 55 or more than 62 years.
  • There are few senior communities that have an age restriction of 55 years and above. This implies that not more 20% of the residents can be under the age of 55 years.
  • Seniors apartments that have an age restriction of 55 years and above require that at least one of the resident’s age should be 55 years.
  • Senior communities that have an age restriction of over 62 years require that all residents of the community should be above 62 years.
  • There might be exceptions for residents who have any form disability or need any kind of assistance.

What is the approximate rent for senior apartments?

  • The rent of senior apartments greatly depends on the income of the seniors.
  • The rent is usually the greatest amount of the welfare rent, 30% of monthly adjusted income, or 10% of monthly income.
  • The rent can go up for luxury senior apartments.
  • The rent also depends on the services and amenities available in the community where the senior apartments are located.
  • Low-income senior apartments have low rents. However, there are waiting lists for these type of accommodations.

What are some of the things to look for in senior communities?

  • Convenient parking spaces
  • Security and lighting around the parking spaces
  • Sufficient storage spaces within the apartment
  • Staircases, elevators, and walking ramps
  • Walking and riding distances to the nearest departmental store, hospital, and other essential places
  • Availability of public transportation
  • Safety and security measures within the apartment
  • Heights of counters and cabinets in the kitchen and other arrears of the apartment
  • Installations inside the bathroom such as grab bars and rails
  • Community cultural activities and services such as plumbing, electricity, and so on

Which are some of the popular companies that build senior apartments across different states?

  • Brookdale Senior Living Solutions
  • Holiday Retirement
  • Life Care Services
  • Five Star Senior Living
  • Erickson Living
  • Atria Senior Living
  • Senior Lifestyle Corp.
  • Capital Senior Living Corp.
  • Affinity Living Group
  • USA Properties Fund
  • Enlivant

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