A Brief Overview Of How To Use Stock Photos

A Brief Overview Of How To Use Stock Photos

A brief overview of how to use stock photos

Stock photos may be great to incorporate into your marketing campaigns and social media content. The sheer volume of pictures available on stock photography sites is staggering. Getting access to that kind of a range and diversity in one single convenient location really eases up your budget so you don’t have to hunt for good pictures or scrape the Internet for something you’ll have to settle for.

These directories of photographs are incredibly useful, but it is important to remember that even these sites have their shortcomings. Some pictures are quite corny and you may wonder what the inspiration for a picture was or what the photographer was thinking. There are several strategies you must use and several pitfalls that you should avoid. The haphazard use of cliché photographs is a glaring error and stands out like a sore thumb in an otherwise compelling piece of content.

Should I give credit for stock photos?

  • It is a known fact that it is unethical to just pull a picture off Google and use it in your blog post or marketing campaign. You must take the necessary permissions or risk legal action initiated against you, which would certainly not be in your best interest.
  • The trick is to read the licensing agreement and find out how you, as a user, are bound by the agreement. Check if you are required to pay certain royalties for the use of a specific photo or if you need to give credit for using a photo.
  • One of the most popular licensing agreements is the royalty free licensing agreement. It gives the licensee extensive usage rights for a very reasonable cost.

What are the benefits of using royalty free stock photos?

  • The licensing agreement may differ, but what it means is that you must pay only a one-time fee for the photo and you may then use it as much as you want in your commercial projects or designs.
  • As the images are licensed to multiple people, the price remains low, i.e., between $1 and $15 usually.
  • The model is cost-effective and beneficial. Remember that you don’t acquire ownership rights over the image and only have the rights to use the image in your work.

Why are online photography websites considered the best to buy stock photos from?

  • The online stock photography websites are very popular as they have millions of relevant images and advanced filters so that you may find what you’re looking for easily.
  • The options for payment are also flexible and with a simple click, you may opt to pay for individual pictures or buy them in bulk for your use.
  • Another great option is that many websites have promotional offers so you may save some money on your first large purchase.

How do I use stock photos?

  • Stock photos that have been paid for may be used in marketing campaigns and other “for-profit” work like branding and website development. They may also be used for editorial work in publications and related illustrations wherein the photos are usually labeled “editorial”.
  • There are certain limitations on the usage of these photos. They cannot be used under morally ambiguous circumstances, where there is racism or violence being promoted.
  • The photos are for commercial use only and therefore, you should not indulge in redistribution or resale of the photos.

Which are the popular online sites where I may find an assortment of stock photos?

  • Adobe Stock is known for its great library of digital images that come in various shapes and sizes. The vector and raster images on the site are incredibly useful for commercial use and for editorial work.
  • Getty Images is another very useful site as it’s a one-stop solution for all your needs. They offer short videos, photos, related images, and also music for your campaigns. There are price breaks that you may avail of if you purchase in large quantities or if you buy five at a time.
  • Shutterstock remains one of the most popular sites out there for its vast library of digital pictures. They offer ongoing subscription plans, which most users and companies prefer to take advantage of.

You are advised to read the licensing agreements of all the providers and make the best decision based on your needs.

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