4 Popular AC Repair Services To Check Out

4 Popular AC Repair Services To Check Out

Air conditioners are complicated and tricky machines that need more than just a “turn it on and off” self-service. There are several AC repair companies in different states that work on serving the local customer base with their expertise. Here are the names of some of the most popular choices. You may go through the list of services provided by them and see what works as the best option for you.

Horizon Services

They are a 24-hour service available for an AC repair emergency. Some of the services they provide include refrigerant replacement, heat pump repair and replacement, central air unit repair, thermostat repair and replacement, high-velocity repair, whole house filter repair, humidifier/dehumidifier service, and multi-zone air conditioning system repair. You can schedule an appointment with them by either calling them on the number given on the website or starting a chat on their page. There are several issues like clogged drains, fan issues, contaminated condenser coils, frozen evaporator coils, or a malfunctioning thermostat which they can find a solution for. They work in and around areas like Delaware, Northeastern Maryland, Southern New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Air Pros

If you notice something amiss in your AC, you can call them up, and they shall give you a free diagnostics run for your machine. Their team will do a thorough inspection, and the AC expert will then give you an honest idea of the cost of repair or replacement of anything needed. Some of the common problems they’ve noticed include: AC giving out hot air, the machine doesn’t turn on, unusual sounds like clanking or buzzing, the cooling bill seems to have spiked for no particular reason, the air smelling like mold or mildew when coming out of the vent. All these suggest that the machine needs a professional look and servicing. They also fix faulty circuit boards, replace the thermostat, fix capacitor problems, and even replace worn-out contactors. You may call them on the number mentioned on the website or start a chat with a representative online. They serve in the cities of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and Washington.

Aire Serv®

You can find your local Aire Serv® in the area by putting your zip code on the website and scheduling an appointment with them when needed. Some of the issues they’ve been known to fix includes fixing strange noises coming from the unit or excessive vibration, noticing warm air leaving the vents, water pooling around or under the machine, fan not turning on, the whole unit not turning on, or a problem with the compressor. These are some of the common problems their clients have needed their help with. They work 24/7, so it is completely okay to contact them at odd hours, if needed, and ask for a local representative and AC expert. They consider some factors when suggesting repair or replacement of a part, including how old the unit has been in usage, the investment cost, and the utility rates. After working out the best plan of action, a cost estimate is given.

Home Comfort USA

Working to serve the residents of Southern California, they are another trusted company for some AC repair or replacement services. Available 24/7 for a quick diagnostics run and service, you may call them on the number mentioned on the website or start an online chat. Some services they have been known to be useful before are: dirty or clogged air filters, imbalance thermostat, refrigerant leakage, drain line clogging, dirty or corroded coils, worn-out contractors, and faulty wiring. They can fix an issue after they run a detailed inspection. It is also wise to get yearly air condition maintenance done to avoid major damages or necessary services. This can help you control the costs needed to repair your unit.

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